We strengthen the global network of privately protected areas
In collaboration with environmental reserves owners, organizations, and individuals seeking to neutralize their environmental footprint. 
How it works
We will explain in four simple steps how the Natus Project will work
Everything begins with the owners of Nature reserves

The landowner registers their land in the Natus platform. Upon approval of the registration, an analysis of the property will be conducted to identify its forest carbon stock, fauna, and water resources. 

The result of this analysis will yield Natus Unit, an unit of nature that will be given to the landowner allowing them to trade it on the platform.

1 Natus Unit =  R$ 1,00
Now, it is your turn and the turn of organizations committed to environmental preservation

Individuals and organizations wishing to eliminate their environmental footprint may purchase Natus Units from owners of nature reserves. The payment is done using Bitcoins in a completely secure way through the platform.

You receive the Natus Units you purchased and may use them in different ways. Keep reading to learn more.
Landowners and the environment benefit from your collaboration

The landowners receive the value from the Natus Units they sell. This gives them the opportunity to monetize the environmental assets they have protected over the years.

This monetization allows landowners to increase the oversight, protection, and monitoring of biodiversity in the protected areas.
What happens to the Natus Units you acquired?

You, or an organization that purchased Natus Units, will benefit in two ways in addition to helping the environment:

Selling your Natus Units
You may sell them to other members on the platform for the price you want.

Planting Natus Units
This is the term we chose to represent a complete contribution to nature, when the only purpose of your purchase is to help environmental preservation. You may earn bonus Natus Units in future cycles. The bonus will be awarded based on a ranking.

How does the ranking work? At the end of a cycle (364 days) members who planted the largest numbers of Natus Units will receive awards including new Natus Units that are worth even more in the new cycle, and visits to the Nature Reserves within the network. 
Nature reserves supported
RPPN Gigante do Itaguaré
Cruzeiro, SP
RPPN Neivo Pires
Miranda, MS
RPPN La Figueira
Piracaia, SP
RPPN Sítio Bons Amigos
Manaus, AM
RPPN Morro das Aranhas
Florianópolis, SC
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